We facilitate and support positive change through technology

We champion the principles of inclusive design to build websites that encompass accessibility and performance, whilst minimising their impact on the planet.

What we do

Sustainable Web Design

The internet produces nearly as much carbon emissions as Germany or the entire aviation industry. A beleaf website is designed and built to minimise the impact it has on the environment.

Website Accessibility

Considering all types of users, how they interact, and proactively making the experience accessible for all. We can design and develop websites to meet even the most stringent of accessibility standards.

Website Performance

True performance isn’t just for the fastest internet connection or premium device. Beleaf consciously develop websites to deliver the smallest feasible footprint whilst providing a fast user experience.

Conscious foundations to help forward-thinking brands meet the challenges of a changing world

Beleaf create websites to serve brands, and engage their users, with end-to-end solutions to make sure you’re found and thrive in a crowded online marketplace.

What we do

How this website performs

Built with intention, we practise what we preach. The result is a website that is accessible to all, loads in a heartbeat, and minimises the amount of carbon emitted each time a page loads.

  • This page is fully loaded in 471 milliseconds. The average is 10.3 seconds

  • This page produced 0.04 grams of CO2. The average is 4.3 grams

  • This page is 163 kilobytes in page size. The average is 3.4 megabytes

Our Work